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Take Action Tool Kit

From digital assets to links to organizations to follow and become a part of, here is a place where you can take action collective action. The work gets done by organizers, advocates and community members who want to see change happen.

To all the organizers, advocates, and community members who have fought for years, even decades, for today to become a reality: You did this, we did this. We ended cash bond. It’s clear our power comes from each other, and that we can change Illinois for the better if we continue to work in coalition. Start creating change by volunteering with Robert Peters.


Looking to join the conversation? Download some of our graphics to spread the word on social media and hashtag, #IllinoisReimagined.

support local

Local organizations to follow & donate to

Throughout Chicago, there are a multitude of people who are creating change for the betterment of the community. Check out these local organizations, donate, volunteer or follow them to see the great impact they are having in our city.