Justice for All


We’re at a crossroads in Illinois. We can either be an inclusive, equitable community that invests in our children and protects those who need it most, or we can settle for the status quo.

We need to reimagine what our state can be, which is why I sponsored 13 bills in my first year as your State Senator, all of which were signed into law by Governor Pritzker. From banning private detention centers to expanding health care access to those who need it most, I have championed more than a dozen issues that impact our community. But we’re just getting started.

Replacing mass incarceration with mass investment

Reimagining Safety and Justice through Jobs & Equity

Ending the cycle of mass incarceration

This jails too many Black and Brown folks and breaks up countless families in our communities. I was proud to lead the fight to ban for-profit detention centers in Illinois. This was the first ban of its kind in the nation, and other states will be following our lead in the coming years.

We must end the practice of cash bail and pretrial reform, which jails people just for being poor.

Investing in our public schools

This ensures everyone has an opportunity to succeed, not just those that can’t afford private schools or test into prestigious programs. I’m proud to stand with teachers in support of an elected school board.

In partnership with my colleagues in the House and Senate, we passed a new infrastructure bill that will invest millions of dollars into schools, parks, and roads in the 13th District.

Providing more resources for young people

A lack of resources leads to a cycle of hopelessness and violence. We need sustained government support for community programs, including after-school activities, job training in good-paying unions and technology sectors, and mental health services.

I supported a $15/hour minimum wage because everyone deserves to make a living wage.

I have stood shoulder to shoulder with our unions, which ensure workers have the rights they deserve. Among the programs we worked on together, one will provide apprenticeship opportunities for foster care youth.

Robert in Action

As Political Director of The People’s Lobby, Robert worked to increase the minimum wage in Cook County. In June 2016, he did civil disobedience and was arrested at a Walmart to escalate the campaign.

The Cook County Board of Commissioners ultimately passed the minimum wage increase in October 2016.

Ensuring healthcare is a human right and housing is guaranteed while protecting our planet for future generations

Protecting Our People & Our Planet

Co-sponsor of the Illinois Clean Energy Jobs Act which will revitalize our economy while protecting our planet for future generations

Our lakefront is one of Chicago’s greatest treasures, and the 13th District includes everything from Streeterville to the Indiana border. I’m working with my colleagues at the state and city level to preserve the lakefront while ensuring that the trail remains open and accessible to everyone.

I will work to expand enforcement and hold corporations accountable for cleaning up the air, water, and soil that they pollute.We must end the practice of cash bail and pretrial reform, which jails people just for being poor.

Giving basic medical coverage to families

Too many families go bankrupt from medical expenses, and many people don’t have access to the basic coverage they need. For the radical changes we need, Congress will have to act. But there are a lot of common sense things we can do right here in Illinois.

I championed a bill to ensure young people have access to life-saving preventive services they need.

I’m working with Illinois nurses to ensure patient safety.

I’m working with national partners to advance a true Medicare for All bill, which would ensure that everyone has access to the basic insurance benefits they deserve.